I help brands and organisations connect with audiences through stories. Sometimes I use film, sometimes websites, occasionally with words and photography. Often, in order to find that story, I help organisations understand what they are trying to say, who they are saying it to and how best to reach them. Sounds simple right?

A story well told helps audiences understand your organisation, promote action and create connections that help you on your journey.

My story began in 2004 when I co-founded a digital agency in London called Bold Creative. We worked with large organisations that wanted to communicate with young people. We did pretty well, delivering projects with hundreds of young people and winning a few awards along the way (the BAFTAs were pretty cool).

In 2012 I left London and relocated to the North East. I began to work with smaller organisations who were looking for help with their entire communications package, the whole engine as opposed to a small cog. Interestingly these organisations tended to be concerned with adventure motorcycling and manufacturing. The fact that I spent so much time on my bikes and in my workshop probably had something to do with this. I also trained as a cabinet maker but that really is another story.

I now use the full range of digital tools to help small businesses communicate with existing and new audiences. If you think I can help with your story, get in touch.