The idea of investing a huge amount of money and effort into a physical space that can only be enjoyed by a handful of people does not sit well with me.

This home will be a space to share. A place to inspire. A space to enjoy with others. And very importantly, it will be a space that pays for itself. It will generate income.


A small studio space that is essentially a laptop and monitor. Nothing fancy, but light and clutter free. To house up to 4 people working around a desk.


Generated from private freelance work (as I do now).

Possibly running digital workshops - photography, film, web



The engine room. Large and modular. Machinery sited around the edge. Large modular desk space in the centre that can be broken apart and moved easily on wheels. Good dust extraction. Makes use of wall and ceiling space for storage.


Private furniture commissions.

Woodworking workshops, likely to be run by people I partner with.

Space available to be hired out for woodworking projects.

Away from woodwork, space available for general hire. For example, a quilt-making workshop where participants need a large, open, versatile space suitable for 'makers'. You can be messy - no need to be delicate with the space.



Not a priority, but a space that can be closed off from the wood workshop in order to keep it dust free.


An extension of the wood workshop facilities



A hideaway on the property grounds, possibly backing onto a woodland, that is a hideaway and creative retreat. A showroom for quirky carpentry, the cabin allows us to offer a residential element to the workshops that we will be running. Come stay for a long weekend and learn how to make an elm table. Stay in the cabin, get a log fire going, relax and reflect. The perfect guesthouse.

The space is simple and well engineered. Not pretentious. It's roots in 'bothy culture' but made more comfortable - like a canal boat or camper van. It is one room living with everything you need and nothing that you don't. Perhaps is has a composting loo in the woods. A bed that doubles as a sofa. A desk that folds out of the wall. A log burner for heat.


Rental packages - connected to the workshops on offer.

Showroom for my carpentry - commission me to make you a table like the one in the cabin.



If I am going to create a space full of resources I would like to find a way of making these available to the local community. I don't mean to just open the doors and let anyone in anytime, it's still my home, but perhaps heavily discounted workshops as part of an education initiative. Would it be possible to include an aspect of apprenticeship into the project? I don't want to be "that rich bugger who built a house on our land and then built a big wall to keep us out". Not cool