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The Trail Riders Fellowship exists to promote and preserve the network of 'green roads' that criss cross their way across England's countryside. Steeped in history, these ancient roads are a vital means of access for motor vehicles, and in particular trail motorcycles. Recently, the right to ride these unsurfaced roads has come under threat as legislation, public opinion and politics collide with far reaching consequences.

Initially a TRF member, I worked with the organisation to develop their website and brand to encourage best practice amongst the trail riding community as well as promote a more accurate picture of the individuals that enjoy this countryside pursuit.

The website undertook a radical overhaul that saw it becoming an online magazine, the content of which continues to be updated weekly providing news and entertainment that reinforce the TRF's brand values. Take a closer look at the website here.

Creative direction, Copy writing, Design, Photography, Editorial: Greg Villalobos / Illustration: Ryan Quickfall


The old TRF website