Outdoors, indoors - a covered outdoor space, possibly a veranda

Connected to nature - to hear, see and collect the rain

Natural light - possibly a glass roof?

Sports - somewhere to keep all our gear

Space - a big kitchen/living area. Perhaps the ground floor is all open plan?

Den - bedrooms that feel like dens

Colour - lots of it, bohemian, mish mash, quirky and individual

Natural materials - a strong connection with nature

Water - the home is next to a river to wild swim in. Massive showers that feel like a waterfall.

Cinema - we don't watch TV, but we do love a good film.

Land - this is super important to me. It doesn't have to be huge but it needs to be mine. It needs to be a little bit magical too, ideally with some woodland near by.

Workshop - the heart of the home for me. A creative place to work and play. It should be connected to the family home in some way so that I don't have to choose between Georgia and Juno or tinkering time. Perhaps an element of the workshop is connected with the kitchen, separated by a glass wall?

Wood, Metal, Digital - all these crafts will be enjoyed here. Spaces that are appropriate for each.

Wooden Walls - easy to fix into, easy to clean with a bit of sanding, warm and not fussy.

Bright n Light - currently we live in a 400 year old farmhouse. It's very dark...

Adaptable & modular - I like the idea of being able to change the space, or at least part of the space quite quickly and easily depending on what we are doing. Maybe a play/creative space that can be adapted for kids or grown up play?

Simple is good - I hate the idea of a pretentious home. This is not about showing off or displaying wealth. It's not going to have the 'best of everything'. It should know what it is and perform that well. It's not a show home. It's a lived in space. It's messy. It's evolving. It's unpretentious.

We've made a few Pinterest mood boards to help you get into our heads (we know there is far too much here but it's all a starting point isn't it...)

A few architect projects that we like...